Project Setup#

Let’s do a small first step, just to get things in place. We’ll make a directory, under version control, with a README and a .gitignore file.

New directory#

This series is focused on teaching a “joyful” development style for Pyodide. It’s secondary purpose is pitching an idea about a framework for Python-based custom elements as “components.”

So let’s jump right into that and setup pyodide-components as our project workspace:

$ mkdir pyodide-components
$ cd pyodide-components

We also want to initialize this as a Git repo:

$ git init

First files#

First, add a simple file. At a minimum, it will help the future you remember what this directory was about.

# Pyodide Components

Learn a "joyful" way of Pyodide development while writing a simple framework 
for Python custom elements.

We’ll also add a .gitignore file. Later we’ll add entries to it:

$ touch .gitignore

Finish by adding these to the repo and committing:

$ git add .gitignore
$ git commit -m"Start project"


Yep, this was some pro forma prep work, from the command-line. We could have used our IDE, but we’re going to stay old-school for the first few steps. No “joyful” yet. But a step forward before setting up our Python and NodeJS workspaces.