Below is a list of some to do items for future work and the next rewrite. Here’s the list of sections that have already been written, but not put into this update:

events attributes detatch mocks apps mock_fetch_pyodide server prerender


  • Load the init

  • Dispatcher with messages that go straight to Python

  • A mock-able self.pyodide.*

  • self.registry

  • Rewrite

    • Setup Playwright tests from the beginning

    • Make sure Vite and Firefox work

    • Include the dist dir

    • Move the fetch part to much later

    • Emphasize coverage

    • Less Markdown, more comments

  • For JS, unit test vs. integration tests…markers? Separate file names?

    • Unit tests all have a fake self.pyodide_components

    • This will speed them up and make them more reliable

  • Replace the passed-in Python string with mocked requests

  • Create mocks for executing Pyodide for faster JS tests

  • Have All Tests flavor that excludes slower tests (like pytest.mark)

  • minx runner

  • App

  • Injector